What is the training:
Stage 1 Preparation: Each participant prepares a solo piece of his choice and pre-sent sheet music, according to the level of mastery of the instrument; (the material is sent after the registration deadline)
Stage 2 Implementation: In a period of one week, the participants are trained in the specialized creative courses. Students are divided into groups according to their level of mastery of the instrument and age;
The training is accompanied by a sports and tourist accompanying program: a one-day trip to nature, a campfire, fishing, football, table tennis, chess, billiards, etc.
Stage 3 Final concerts: The training ends with concerts that aim to show the result of the work done.

Basic training includes:
– participation in “Guitar Ensemble” with different teachers;
– participation in the workshop “Interpretation of a solo play” with different teachers;
– participation in the “Creative Music Making” course with Konstantin Kuchev;
– participation in the courses: “Technical exercises” with different teachers;
– participation in one of the following optional courses: “Improvisation”; “Composition”; “Harmony – a practical course for playing chords”; “Prima vista – reading music at first sight”; “Electric guitar for classical guitarists” with different teachers;
– participation in at least 2 organized concerts;

Each participant can add the following additional options to the basic training package:
– optional additional course: from the listed: “Improvisation”; “Composition”; “Harmony – a practical course for playing chords”; “Prima vista – reading music at first sight”; “Electric guitar for classical guitarists”. The additional course must be different from the selected course in the main package. For example: if you specified an improvisation course in the basic package, then the choice for the additional one should be between “Composition”; “Harmony – a practical course for playing chords”; “Electric guitar for classical guitarists”.
– master classes/individual lessons with a teacher chosen by the student.


Guitar ensemble
teachers: Rosen Balkanski, Stella Miteva-Dinkova, Boyan Doychev, Stefanos Dimitriou
annotation: Stimulating the teamwork necessary for the growth of each musician. Groups will be formed according to the age and progress of the students. Sheet music will be distributed in advance. The learned pieces will be performed at the final concert.

Interpretation of a solo piece
teachers: Anton Baranov, Georgi Dimitrov, Bozhana Pavlova
annotation: A practical workshop for the expression of musical thought through artistic techniques, inherent to the stylist of each work. First-person experiences of active musicians performing worldwide will be shared. It also includes an analysis of an interpretation of a solo piece by each participant.

Creative music making
teacher: Konstantin Kuchev
annotation: Unlocking creative potential with voice and instrument. The inspiration and freedom to express oneself, alive in every musician, is fostered through working methods that make it a sharing of the heart. The creative and playful approach leads to new self-discovery.


teachers: Mie Ogura
annotation: Introducing the basics of improvisation. Development and understanding of basic musical elements: melody, rhythm, harmony and form. The course will take the form of practical exercises, and each participant will have to be actively involved both as a soloist and as an accompanist.
suitable for: everyone. Applicants will be divided into groups according to their level of advancement and age.

teachers: Atanas Ourkouzounov and Rossen Balkanski
annotation: The course includes theoretical and practical parts for creating short compositions for one or more instruments. The main goal is for each participant to try to start the creation of his own short work within the framework of the summer guitar academy.
suitable for: advanced students of all ages who have a passion for making music.

Harmony – a practical course on playing chords
teacher: Stephan’s Demetriou
annotation: An innovative way to learn basic guitar chords through short exercises and specialized techniques. The main goal is for each participant to be able to play songs with easy chord progressions at the end of the course.
suitable for: beginner students

Prima-vista – reading sheet music 
teacher: Nikolay Mihailov
annotation: A practical course presenting basic steps to start training in this subject. The course will also provide material for continuing education after the academy is completed.
suitable for: beginner students

Electric guitar for classical guitarists
teacher: Hristo Neychev
Annotation: Introduction and practice of basic techniques for playing the electric guitar. The course will take place in the form of a workshop. It is recommended that participants have an electric guitar.
suitable for: everyone

annotation: individual lessons with teachers chosen by the participants.
note: master classes are not included in the total price of participation and are paid extra
suitable for: everyone